Applying 3D printing technology to produce super hard steel

Producing super hard steel with 3D printing

3D printing technology is applied in many fields of industrial production. VBN Components company in Sweden has just released a kind of super hard steel with 3D printing technology.

VBN Components, based in Uppsala city, 70km north of Stockholm, Sweden, has spent many years researching to find out how to produce high-cabure alloys by applying 3D printing technology, and recently they have produced a super hard steel called Vibenite 480.

The characteristic of this type of steel is its high resistance to corrosion and rust while being able to withstand temperatures up to 750oC. In addition to the superior durability compared to conventional steel, the Vibenite 480 steel production process is shortened by time because it is "printed" literally by 3D printing technology. To achieve the above durability, VBN Components has taken advantage of the durability of metal powder and heat-resistant properties of cement carbides.

“We pursue 3D printing technology. When you have this technology in hand, you don't need the rolling and pressing process. You also don't need to care about steel processing. In the meantime, you absolutely can continue to create many high quality alloys with many materials that possess superior properties. That's exactly what we did, constantly creating many different types of alloys. Because you only need to have the right powder and 3D printers then you can force them and "produce" them, "explains Ulrik Beste, chief technology officer and co-founder of VBN components.

In addition, the success of using non-traditional technology is 3D printing has opened the future for steel production without the need for three processes of steel production, including creating molten steel lines, casting supplies and rolling steel, which helps to save costs, reduce labor risks and protect the environment with more than 90% compared to traditional production methods.

In 2017, VBN Components also produced the steel named Vibenite 290, the hardest and most resistant to corrosion and high temperature steel at the time.

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