2024 Asia Ink Expo

Title 1: May 20-22, full color ink printing demonstration, waiting for you at Guangzhou Airport Expo Center!

With the continuous improvement of social and environmental protection awareness and a series of relevant policy support issued by the government, at present, China's ink market is developing rapidly. According to relevant data, the output of China's ink industry in 2022 is about 880,000 tons, and the demand is about 859,300 tons. At the same time, the scale of the ink market is expanding, and a number of related sectors are also making continuous innovation and progress, among which, water-based ink, as one of the emerging industries, continues to implement the concept of "green environmental protection" and has made great progress.

Because of its advantages of environmental protection and health and can meet the needs of a variety of printed matter, it has been widely used in various fields such as printing, packaging, cosmetics, electronic appliances, textiles, home furnishing, etc., among which, the packaging industry has applied water-based ink up to more than 70%.

According to the water-based ink market scale analysis data show that the total consumption of the global water-based printing ink market in 2022 is 492,000 tons, with sales of 5 billion US dollars, and the total consumption of the market is expected to reach 572,000 tons in 2027, which shows that the development prospects of the water-based ink industry are very impressive!

Title 2: The most authentic print demo live! May 20-22, Guangzhou Airport Expo Center full color ink printing demonstration activity, invite you to enjoy together!


(Full-Color Water-Based Ink Speed Printing Live Demonstration)

In order to let the public closer to witness the charm of water-based ink, it is reported that on May 20-22, the Organizing committee of Asia Ink Industry Expo and Yuncheng Printing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. jointly organized the "all-color ink Demonstration Activity" with the theme of "smart plastic innovation for a green Future" will be held at the "2024 Second Ink Industry Expo" site at the same time. For three days. Industry technical experts will be invited to prepare gravure printing equipment for "immersive" on-machine demonstration at the scene, from startup preparation, setting stamping parameters, installing plates, inking, startup, viewing printing quality, finishing work, to the finished product display for the whole process of demonstration, this will be the most authentic water-based ink printing demonstration, aiming to create a new valuable interactive activity. Lead the green water-based ink into the public vision, let the water-based ink industry slowly replace the traditional solvent-based ink, become the mainstream product of the ink industry, towards the road of green environmental protection, health and sustainable development.

(Concurrent technology Sharing Meeting -- "Sharing of Key Technologies in Water-based ink printing)

It is revealed that after the full color ink printing demonstration, the organizing committee will hold a "water-based ink printing key technology sharing meeting" on the scene on May 22, and will invite industry technical experts to share experience with you on the scene, common exchange of new technologies, so as to determine the unified development goals of everyone, and constantly innovate technical forms to promote the rapid development of the industry.

Title 3: Shock the printing scene! May 20-22, invite you to meet Guangzhou Airport Expo Center, witness the charm of ink printing technology style!

It is reported that at the event site, there will be many well-known brands with their products, to meet everyone watching the demonstration at the same time to select products, so everyone witnesses the charm of printing technology at the same time, choose a product suitable for their own.


We sincerely invite you to visit !

The organizing committee said that this will be a shocking visual feast, and sincerely invite colleagues from various industries to visit Guangzhou Airport Expo Center to feel the charm of printing art, appreciate the excellence of printing technology, explore the mystery of printing together, and feel the infinite surprise and fun brought by printing.