Wall coatings researches in the 4.0 era

Researches on wall coatings in the 4.0 era

In the 4.0 era, many researchers have found a way to turn a wall into a smart device by using high-tech coatings.

A team from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the USA and Disney Research - a unit of Walt Disney Entertainment Corporation, discovered that the treatment of walls with smart coatings and sensor hardware named Wall ++ could monitor gestures as well as estimate their postures if they are near. This technique uses conductive coatings to create electrodes in a diamond-shaped grid on the surface of the wall, then cover a standard rubber coating. By capturing electromagnetic noise in the air, it can also detect which devices are active and their location.

Researchers at Royal Melbourne University's Institute of Technology, Australia, have found out a new initiative which is a solar paint that produces clean energy from sunlight and steam in the air. Dr. Torben Daeneke, head of the research project, said that with this simple combination, we are able to turn any brick wall into a power station and produce fuel.

A High-tech coatings that helps walls cool when exposed to sunlight is also one of the unique inventions from Israel's SolCold company. By using two levels of coatings to reduce the wall surface temperature to 10 ° C, Yaron Shenhav, SolCold's General Manager, said if applied to the roof of a building, this coating could save up to 60 % of air conditioning costs, both energy saving and environmental protection. The director affirmed that the coating is "100% green technology" and has no carbon emissions.

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