Vietnamese painting market to be exciting in 2019

Vietnamese painting market in 2019

Recently, the fast-growing real estate market has led to a “fever” for Vietnamese coating market. Many domestic and foreign coating enterprises are constantly diversifying in types, features and colors ... to increase their competitive advantage.

Vietnam has more than 600 paint manufacturing and trading enterprises. In particular, since most of the world's major paint companies have appeared in Vietnam, the competition in the market has become more and more exciting. According to the Vietnam Paint and Ink Association, in the last 5 years, although foreign paint has few businesses involved, they accounted for 65% of Vietnam market, while domestic paint only accounted for 35%.

However, recently a strong transformation of domestic coating firms has been witnessed such as: S'Ha Noi, Kova, Galaxy, Dai Bang ... opening opportunities to create a balance between local and foreign paints, this contributes to affirm the strength of Vietnamese goods in Vietnamese people's hearts. With the advantage of competitive prices, the ability to understand the specificity of the climate, the domestic paint market has many opportunities to increase the diversity of products, increase production and sales.

According to experts, the paint and coating market is now developing rapidly and strongly. With decorative paint when choosing for works, the investor or the main contractor will consider the price, quality and suitability (coverage, anti-crack, self-cleaning, waterproofing ...). Meanwhile, the landlord tends choose the brand through advertising or follow the advice of contractors and painters to choose the type of paint with a suitable price, quality for home.

Currently, S'Hà Nội is known for its CMC oil painting products such as Alkyd paint, Epoxy, Acrylic, Polyurethane, heat-resistant paint, Chlorinated rubber and special coating materials for metals, wood ... is very popular with users. In addition, decorative paint products branded VEPA are also receiving special attention from customers. On April 24, the company plans to launch a new product line bearing the S 'Hanoi brand for the high-end segment with the investment in research and production of effect paint lines to meet architectural needs. creation.

Mr. Tran Tien Bay - CEO of Son Ha No Chemical Joint Stock Company said: “The paint market is increasingly fierce, this requires us to continuously innovate technology, develop products to best serve market demand. With the strategy of sustainable development, the understanding of the climate of Vietnam and the desire to bring the best for Vietnamese consumers, the company has researched and applied the world's No. 1 production technology to produce The new product lines of high quality, variety of types, rich colors ... will be announced in the market on April 24th. "

In addition to improving the quality and diversification of products, protecting user’s health is also strongly emphasized by domestic enterprises through the establishment of repositioning by modern brand identity and technology. packaging and management of modern product ..., this promises to contribute positively to the overall development of the domestic paint market 2019.

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