The way to find the place of Vietnam’s coatings in Singapore

Kova Coatings is one of the best coatings manufacturers in Vietnam. However, in the process of reaching the world market, Kova - Coatings Group also faced many difficulties. In an open invitation to the customers of Kova Coatings Group, Founder and Chairman of the Board Nguyen Thi Hoe said that Kova's inspiration is to "bring the coatings brand name of Vietnam into a recognized brand on world".

Singapore is the cleanest country in the world and is extremely sophisticated with its high quality, penetrating into this extremely complex market. "I bring coatings brand to Singapore is a risk. When they go to Singapore, they say that Vietnam only has cashew nuts, coffee, bamboo ... but not science. In the first year, they did not look at me, "she said.

Like many other scientists, Mrs Hoe said the hardest point with her business was "less knowledge of business."

"I do not know how to trade, I do not know how to speak. To Singapore I do not know how to say to customers to buy. So I tell them to pay me 2 years later if our products were satisfied with them. That's the pact. But after only a year, they brought me some money. Actually, if they did not return money, I could not do anything, because I had said so before. But they are very honorable, "she said.

For 11 years in Singapore, Singaporeans find good products to use. They look at quality. Dr. Hoe is not a trader, but a scientist. And the scientist must prove by product quality.

When viewed as a scientist, Mrs.Hoe was invited to give lectures at some of the buildings. Among them are Vivo City.

When coatings brand in Vietnam is covered with the largest commercial center in Singapore

Ms. Hoe remembered that in 2009, Vivo City - one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore - is in the stage of completion.

Vivo City is located at No. 1 Harbor Front, with a floor area of 140,000 square meters, one of the largest commercial centers in Singapore voted for by the end of 2016.

This project has been implemented by Penta-Ocean of Japan since 2006, but it has been 3 years that the construction unit has not been paid because the work is not completed.

"When Kova arrived, the whole area of Vivo City was black, the new coatings swirled even in European coatings. I do not dare insist that I do, but also propose to tender", she recalled.

Kova and four coatings companies bid to coatings their coatings onto a large wall array. Coatings brands are not listed, but only numbers from 1 to 5. Kova is numbered 2.

"After that, my presentation of how my coatings works, how anti-dust mechanism. Dust and yellows inhale and stay calm, unable to walk. We created a mechanism of negative dust or positive dust and seal to push each other out."

At that time, the four most famous coatings company of Singapore did not enter, they called the number 2 – coatings of Kova Group. We have hired 100 construction workers. One year later, Penta-Ocean acquired the money of investors" Mrs.Hoe recounted the first victory marked Kova in the Singapore market.

Kova only gave 1 year warranty by the construction works 3 years ago. But in fact, after 10 years, coatings is still beautiful.

Going up with science will be sustainable

List of works in Singapore using Kova coatings
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After marking with Vivo City, Kova coatings Group has been contracted for many other large projects such as Ng Teng Fong hospital with a total investment of nearly $ 1 billion.

At Ng Teng Fong Hospital, coatings brand is used as Kova's nanoparticle coatings. Ms. Hoe said to put a hand full of bacteria and touched on the wall, and show hand under the microscope with almost no bacteria.

"I just visited this hospital, because I was not a doctor so I could not go to the operating room, but I was going around the place because I said I was from Kova. They hear the name Kova and feel very proud", Mrs. Hoe excitedly.

The key to the success of Kova Coatings, according to Dr.Hoe, is quality

"We did not achieve quality, I joined this market not only being chased but support people with quality coatings. At present, considering the quality, I feel assured and guaranteed with partners in Singapore up to 10 years, "said Mrs.Hoe with proud.

She also said that she went to Singapore for a lecture on coatings for the project. Singaporeans are very interested in science. When she shared her inventions, coatings products, they enjoyed it.

"With my accomplishment, I think only science is sustainable, no one can compete because we constantly research new products," Kova proprietor contemplated.

Currently Kova Coatings has 9 factories, and 12 member companies in 7 countries

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