The paint market in Vietnam is fiercely competitive

According to preliminary statistics, on the Vietnamese market, there are about 600 paint manufacturing and trading enterprises. With the increasing urbanization, in the coming time, the competition in this market will remain fierce.

The race to attract customers
The paint market has accompanied the development of the building materials industry and thrived in the last 10 years. With hundreds of brands from foreign to domestic, paint products are increasingly diverse in types, features, colors... Mr. Nguyen Tien Quan - owner of a paint agent on Phung Khoang street (Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi). Noi) said that the current paint market is a race to attract customers of domestic and foreign enterprises. From the "big guys" like Jotun, Dulux, Nippon Paint, 4 Oranges to many small and medium brands like Galaxy, Alex, Kavic, Joton, Jymec... are all trying to establish a foothold in the market, continuously improved, diversified in types, features, colors... making the competition somewhat fierce.
For example, with AkzoNobel, the company's main product line is Dulux Weathershield for exterior paint, Dulux 5-in-1 for interior paint, developed and applied cooling feature with reflective technology. Heat reduces the outside temperature of the wall compared to conventional outdoor paint. Or like Jotun Vietnam marketed Jotashield anti-fading exterior paint products, helping to prolong the time of repainting the house. Meanwhile, paint products Mykolor, Spec of 4 Oranges are integrated with environmentally friendly properties, do not contain lead, mercury...
However, according to market analysts, in the face of pressure from the "big guys", domestic paint firms, although inferior, are not afraid to approach the market. The focus on research and development of unique features to make a difference has helped domestic enterprises maintain their brand, output, and customer market share. "For example, Kavic has introduced the KA-388 interior polish product to the market, the KA-683 exterior polish is quite good, easy to install, very affordable. Besides, there are also anti-reflective paint products. KA-889 cement absorbent application Nano technology, waterproof feature, ultraviolet rays are popular "- Mr. Nguyen Tien Quan said.


Choose the right product for the function
Through reference, paint shop owners all said that the choice of water-based paint for both individual housing projects or large projects focuses on three factors: Price, quality and brand. Next, we will consider the advantages that paint brands bring (coverage, gloss, color, aesthetics and criteria such as anti-cracking, self-cleaning...), until the product line is approved. make sure to sign a contract to choose that brand. The price is also diverse for consumers to choose, in the market, it ranges from 350,000 to 2,500,000 VND/barrel, depending on quality, good adhesion, easy to clean, anti-mold and body. environmentally friendly.
But depending on the geographical conditions, environment, weather and climate of each project, there will be appropriate paint products. Criteria for evaluating indoor wall paint is different from outdoor wall paint, so the same paint cannot be applied to evaluate good or bad. Therefore, consumers can rely on a number of criteria such as paints provided from reputable brands, sold at genuine stores. Water-based paint needs to ensure factors such as diverse and rich colors, good features, high adhesion, long-term color fastness, without affecting user health as well as the environment.
Ms. Pham Hoa, the owner of Phu Minh wall paint and construction agent, Linh Duong street (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) said that the trend of house paint colors this year is mostly in the direction of "tone - slick - tone" when The color of the furniture in the house is in harmony with the paint color of the wall, emerging 4 main colors, which are: gray, cream brown, dark blue and pastel blue. Gray color is for customers who love luxury for the context and decoration in the living space. With a creamy brown color, it will bring a sense of politeness, peaceful beauty, full of sunshine, like being illuminated by the sun everywhere in the house. Pastel blue or dark blue brings a feeling of coolness and relaxation, and at the same time brings a feeling of freshness, sophistication and aesthetics.
The growth of the paint market will be resonated with the recovery of the real estate market. When the market appears more and more manufacturing enterprises, the competition becomes more and more fierce, so customers have more choices.


Most paint companies have launched many products with improvements in features and capacities at different prices to meet the needs of the increasingly vibrant building materials market. As construction works increase, manufacturers also compete with each other to develop sustainable brands. Consumers also have many choices because of the variety of designs, colors, and decorative paints that have begun to invade the market before the rapidly increasing demand for use.

Engineer Nguyen Van Hoa - Thien Phong Trading and Construction Company