The growing trend in using eco-paint

The growing trend in using eco-paint

Coatings and printing ink production in Vietnam shows a great deal of potential for growth and diversification. In particular, eco-paint is also becoming a new trend.

Green building blooms, eco-paint becomes a trend

The coatings production in Vietnam is increasingly diversified in products, meeting market demand. When the green building blooms and the demand for paint products with safety increases, eco-paint becomes the trend.

Environmental friendliness is one of the most important factors when developing green buildings and green materials. These are materials that minimize the negative impact on the environment during construction while creating comfort and convenience for the users.

Dr. Pamela Phua, General Director of AkzoNobel Vietnam Paint Company, said that the future of architectural art is green houses filled with living space and covered with natural breath and made from sustainable materials, leading to a healthier life for homeowners.

Along with the scale of green architecture in Vietnam which is increasingly expanding due to the rapid development of recycled, energy saving and environmentally friendly materials, many paint-manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam have researched as well as imported more advanced technologies to produce safer coatings products. In particular, eco-paint is popular.

Strengths of eco-paints

Mr. Pham Van Bac, Director of Building Materials Department, Ministry of Construction, said that in the past 10 years, Vietnam's construction materials industry has achieved remarkable progress, including the coatings products. In the past, most of them were organic paint with solvent being organic, but in recent 5 years, inorganic paint developed strongly in Vietnam.

According to experts, environmentally friendly paint products must be water-based, rather than oil based (solvent), with low CO2 emissions and more efficient energy efficiency.

According to Nguyen Quang Cung, the expert in building materials, with green materials, it is in need to green in the production process, which means it is friendly environment and electricity and energy saving must be further promoted. Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy, Transport Technology University, paint specialist said: "Eco-paint is environmentally friendly paint system, and it is suitable for walls, concrete. The current trend is not about painting solvents, but paint is capable of interacting with the environment, capable of self-cleaning. "

"Eco-paint containing lime is a new concept in Vietnam," said To Anh Dung, director of the industrial paint company, Crestone Eco-Products, “ but in Britain, France, America, Italy, it is very popular because it is in line with marine environment, easy to construct, reasonable price and safe for users.” Thus, eco-paints can become a new highlight in coatings and printing ink production in general.

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