The application of 3D printing technology in construction

công nghệ in 3D
Building a house with a 3D printer helps save costs - Source:

3D technology is being expected to create a new revolution when it is applied in a variety of fields, including the construction.

The superiority of 3D printing technology

Forbes magazine revealed that there have been thousands of industries, ranging from cars, aerospace to leather shoes and jewelery using 3D printing technology to produce products. The Wohlers Report forecasted that 3D printing could become a $ 5.2 billion industry by 2020, starting from $ 1.3 billion in 2010. With advantages of cost savings and product quality, 3D printing technology has been applied in a diversity of areas, and it has made great strides.

Application of 3D printing technology in construction

With cost savings, fast construction time and environmental protection, 3D printing technology has created many breakthroughs in comparison with the traditional construction.

One of the noteworthy achievements was the first 3D printing house in Nantes City, France, conducted by researchers at the University of Nantes. The house had an area of ​​about 95 square meters, especially printed in 54 hours, and then the contractor took only four months to install windows, main doors and roofs.

In order to launch this 3D printer, a 3D printer was brought to the building site when the architects and scientists had completed the design. This machince printed in layers from the bottom to the top. Each wall in this house was printed in two layers of polyurethane (PU), creating the function of insulation. The space between these layers then was filled with concrete to create a thick and solid wall.

3D printing technology
3D printing technology is applied in construction – Source:

Many researchers from the University of Nantes said that the next 3D printing house will shorten the construction time to about 33 hours. The cost of this house is about $232.000 (about 5.4 billion VND), so the building cost by 3D printing technology is 20% cheaper than traditional houses.

"3D printing technology can be used to build sporting venues," said Francky Trichet, who is responsible for Technology and Creatives at Nantes Council. Mr. Benoit Furet, the professor at the University of Nantes and also the project leader, said that in the next five years, the building cost with 3D printing houses would be about 25% cheaper. In the next decade, it will be 40% cheaper than today as more and more houses are built by 3D printing, and as 3D printing technology is improved, and of course, meet regulations on house construction.

In addition, the good point of 3D printing technology is reflected in its environmental friendliness. For instance, 3D printing house in Nantes has a bend-shaped design covering 100 year-old trees inside. Moreover, the house is equipped with sensors that monitor humidity, air quality and temperature, helping to reduce electricity consumption.

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20 November 2018