Successful closing of Coatings Vietnam 2022

During 3 days of organization from August 3 to 5, 2022, the series of international exhibitions and seminars specialized in Paper, Coating, Rubber and Plastic industries in Vietnam took place successfully. In particular, the International Exhibition and Conference specialized in Coatings and Printing Ink in Vietnam - Coatings Vietnam 2022 is one of the outstanding programs of this year's series of events, with special support from the units. such as the Vietnam Paint and Ink Association (VPPA), Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council  (CHEMEXCIL) and the Korea Adhesives and Coatings Association (KACA).

Especially at Coatings Expo Vietnam 2022, the event attracted the great attention of thousands of domestic and foreign visitors to visit, exchange and exchange experiences. Along with handshakes, cooperative relationships are formed based on friendship and mutual benefit. This is literally the ideal meeting place for experts and businesses in the industry to update knowledge, production and business trends as well as expand cooperation and trade connections.


Coatings Expo Vietnam 2022 attracts thousands of visitors to check-in and visit


1. Impressive numbers in the three days of the event

During the 3 days of organization, 135 booths at the series of events of International Exhibitions and Conferences specialized in Paper, Coatings, Rubber and Plastics industry in Vietnam welcomed more than 4,200 visitors from the country. and international. Particularly at Coatings Expo Vietnam 2022, the exhibition was honored to witness the presence of leading enterprises in the coatings and printing ink industries such as: Chemexcil booth (India), Redachem Vietnam Co., Ltd., and Equipment Co., Ltd. NQA Chemicals, Keyence Vietnam Company,...


Coatings Expo Vietnam 2022 are always crowded with visitors


More than 10 specialized seminars have been organized and led by leading experts, bringing opportunities to update knowledge for businesses in many different fields. Some can be listed such as: Trade meeting in Coatings and Ink printing industry between Vietnamese, Korean and Indian businesses, including "Overview of Vietnam Coatings and Printing ink industry", "Indian Chemical industry" and others. This is an opportunity for businesses to exchange and learn, thereby having the right direction, applying technology suitable for their purposes.


"Overview of the Indian Chemical industry" seminar


Not only is the meeting point, trade connection, the event is also a special bridge, helping businesses find the right partner for their needs and purposes through the Business Matching Program (B2B Matching). ). This is the convergence of many brands, distributors, retailers, and representatives of companies in the same field from many parts of the world. The Organizing Committee will search and arrange appointments between the Enterprise and representatives of the companies that the Enterprise is interested in, saving time and increasing trade efficiency for both parties.


The event is an opportunity for businesses to promote cooperation and promote mutual trade


In addition, at the Coatings premium Showcase at Coatings Expo Vietnam 2022, visitors can also experience the preeminent products of enterprises in the industry such as Newton Group, Joint Stock Company. Phong Phu International Technology, Hardolass Vietnam Co., Ltd,...


Paint exhibition area always attracts the attention of exhibition visitors

2. Thank you note from the Organizing Committee

The event opened up countless values ​​for exhibitors, attendees in particular and Vietnam's recovering economy in general. We would like to sincerely thank the delegates, the press as well as all the guests who came to attend the Vietnam International Exhibition and Conference series specialized in Paper, Coating, Rubber and Plastic industry. in general as well as Coatings Vietnam 2022 in particular. Above all, we would like to express our deep gratitude to our partners and exhibitors at the exhibition. We hope you had a memorable experience at this year's exhibition.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event, Coatings Expo Vietnam 2023, within the framework of the Vietnam International Exhibition and Conference Series, specialized in Paper, Coatings, Rubber and Plastics industries 14-16 June 2023, promises to be even more explosive and successful.

See you soon!