On December 12th, VEAS organized successfully seminar to introduce and kick-off Coatings Expo Vietnam 2020 Exhibition.

Coatings Expo Vietnam 2020 is the 7th International Exhibition & Conference on Coatings and Printing Ink Industry in Vietnam. This is a chance to all the coating enterprises for not only meeting and exchange value experience but also finding opportunities to co-operate with a lot of both local and abroad companies. On December 12th, Seminar on “Vietnam Paint – Printing Ink Industry heading to health safety and environmental friendly product” was organized at Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel to kick-off Coatings Expo Vietnam 2020 Exhibition.

At the seminar, it’s VEAS’s honor to welcome Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh - Head of Chemical Industry Development Division, Chemicals Agency, Ministry of Industry & Trade (MOIT), Ms. Vu Thi Huong – Head of Division, Vietnamese Center for Emergency Response to Chemicals (VCERC) Chemicals Agency, MOIT, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lac Huyen, Chairwoman of Vietnam Paint & Printing Ink Association (VPIA) Representatives from Universities, Institutes, Companies in Vietnam.

The paint - printing ink industry in Vietnam is considered to be a dynamic development industry, operating under the market mechanism and attracting a lot of foreign investment flow”, said Ms. Vu Thi Huong about the Overview of Chemincal for Paint and Printing Ink Industry. Besides, Ms. Huong showed the statistics about the situation of the industry in Vietnam as well as explain the domestic & international factors which may impact on the development of the industry.

Ms. Vu Thi Huong was sharing an overview of Chemincal for Paint and Printing Ink Industry

The seminar has brought a golden opportunity for businesses to update changes in the policies of government, listen to practical experiences, useful sharings from experts. Moreover, talk show and Q&A of the seminar are chances for participants and speakers exchange information with each other. The event is also a good place for business owners widen their networks, build up new relationship, collaborate to develop their businesses.

Talk show in the seminar gave experts chance to share their experiences

This is considered as a kick-off activity for Coatings Expo Vietnam 2020 Exhibition that will be organized in June 2020. Coatings Expo Vietnam 2020 Exhibition is promising platform for trading, which helps businesses and visitors meet their potential customers, enhance their brand images and update market information and new technologies in Coatings & Printing Ink industry.

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