Producing lithium-ion batteries by using 3D printing technology

Producing lithium-ion batteries by using 3D printing technology

Recently, ACS Applied Energy Materials researchers announced a new application of 3D printing technology which is to produce lithium-ion batteries to accommodate devices of different shapes.

Creating lithium-ion battery by using 3D printing technology

ACS Applied Energy Materials researchers have recently announced that they can create lithium-ion batteries by using 3D printing. 3D printing technology can help manufacturers to customize the size of lithium-ion batteries, which creates a fit for different device designs and limits the redundant space as it is in current devices..

According to Engadget, ACS Applied Energy Materials team which has led by Christopher Reyes and Benjamin Wiley, based on limitations in current 3D printing technology (polymers used are not ionic conductors),  has transferred polylactic (PLA) commonly used in 3D printing with electrolyte. At the same time, they have combined  graphene nano tubes with carbon into the design of the casing to help increase conductivity. With these modifications, the research team is able to create 3D printing lithium-ion batteries with sizes customized for bracelets.

There are some limitations, but they can be improved

Producing lithium-ion batteries with 3D printing technology can have some limitations. Particularly, by this method, energy is only enough to use in about 60 seconds for the bracelet. This interval is lower than the standard of commercial batteries. However, the good news is that the team said they had ideas on improving the storage capacity of the battery.

In general, 3D printing technology is proving to have tremendous applications, contributing to the development of advanced products. Despite some limitations, creating lithium-ion batteries by 3D printing is believed to open more opportunities for smaller devices in the future.

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