New experiment with nano technology application

New experiment with nano technology application

Thanks to nano technology, many scientists have successfully experimented with night vision in rats, creating a premise to develop many important applications for humans.

Nano technology is now becoming an excellent key for human life thanks to many important applications of this kind of technology. Recently, scientists have successfully implemented a nano technology-based experiment to help people have night-vision ability, based on an experiment that makes mice able to see at night by giving nanoparticles enter their tiny eyes.

This experiment was conducted with an injection containing nanoantennae (also called nano-antenna) - the nano-magnetic receiver designed to allow these mice to look wider than the current visible light spectrum. In particular, it does not affect their body.

A normal pair of eyes will not be able to see long light wavelengths emitted at night, including near-infrared light (NIR) and infrared light (IR). However, nanoparticles will help. Transmitted by droplets, proteins lead the nanoantennae and "stick" them outside the retinal photoreceptors in the mouse's eye. Then, they can convert NIR into visible blue light.

Experts and researchers found that mice injected with nanoparticles showed an unconscious reaction to infrared light, such as their pupils shrinking. This experiment is considered a great step forward in the field of biotechnology in improving the eyesight of people in the future.

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