Nano technology application in the field of coatings

Nano technology application in the field of coatings

Department of Construction of Hanoi Architectural University and Joton painting company jointly organized the Seminar "Application of nanotechnology in the field of paint and construction materials" on 25/02 in Hanoi.

Many new opportunities in the field of health, environment, textiles, construction,etc are opened thanks to nano technology and nano materials. In the construction industry and architecture, a variety of surface treatment methods can be used for glass, brick, metal or wood materials, with the aim of improving the functional properties as well as remain lifetime of materials. Such surface coatings save resources such as water, energy and cleaning chemicals.

At the seminar "Application of nanotechnology in the field of paints and construction materials", Joton Company introduced nanotechnology in surface coatings such as using nano Ti02 surface coating, surface cleaning, resistance bacteria, using bactericidal nano silver, at the same time, the laboratory introduced the research and experiment to mass produce nano coating lines.

In addition, many professional issues such as the use of coatings, how to combine nanoparticles with coating materials and other materials are also shared by Joton's technical ministries.

Dr. Nguyen Van Nghia - Hanoi Architectural University said that the latest applications of nanotechnology in construction materials are very effective when restoring ancient works, water resistance to penetrate the surface, self-cleaning mechanism.

The team also introduced the results of active nanoparticle research with different particle sizes. The morphological form of nano Ti02 can increase the toughness of the coating film. Especially nanoparticles can be attached on Tio2 nanowires to add antibacterial properties when applied in coating materials. The seminar attracted the participation of scientists of the two units and partly affirmed the cooperation between the school - the training institution and the enterprises, contributing to building the direction in line with the development trend of higher education and society today, opening up opportunities for cooperation and use of high quality human resources between businesses and schools.

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