High demand for construction boosts the coatings market

According to the forecast of the real estate market in 2018, HCM City Real Estate Association (HoREA) predicts real estate market will show signs of recovery and growth. As a result, construction demand is rising with nearly 40,000 licensed construction permits. In addition, self-construction areas now account for about 80% of the total area of housing construction.

The strong demand for housing has spurred the development of the decorative coatings market. In particular, Mr. Udom Parichartwutthikul, general director of TOA Vietnam Coatings Company said that coatings and printing ink market in general develops fast and strong. The variety of coatings brands with many features leads anxiety for many customer choosing for them suitable coatings products.

The choice of consumers of coatings products today mainly rely on the advertising programs, promotions of enterprises, or hearing the introduction, consulting from other people with the help of the internet to compare the quality, price of coatings products. While investors and contractors often consider price, quality and brand comparisons, then compare the coverage, gloss, color, aesthetics and other criteria such as crack resistance, , self-cleaning, waterproofing, anti-hot, etc. The variety of brands, many manufacturing enterprises as well as information overflow on the internet has caused a considerable competitive pressure for businesses paint. As a result, well-known brands now focus on quality, product innovation and product diversification to suit the needs of our customers. In addition, many well-known brands such as TOA, Orange 4, Dulux considerably invest in advertising programs, ongoing promotions to attract customers.

In addition, the environmental protection is now on the top concentration of government so the coatings enterprises has increasingly added antibacterial, anti-dust in civil construction works, especially on large project, household. Coatings brands are constantly innovating to advertise quality products, not only beautiful in color but also environmentally friendly.

With more than 80% of consumers building new houses, the decorative coatings industry plays an important role in the current share of coatings manufacturers. Painting Coatings is the last activity of the completion of a house. General Director of TOA Coatings Company advised consumers to use a coatings that satisfies the beauty as well as protects the house. The poor quality coatings of China is flooding the market with cheaper prices from 35-40%, causing many coatings companies frustration.

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Source: kinhdoanh.vnexpress.net