Green coatings - New trends in the construction industry

Currently, Vietnamese consumers are more interested in green building, including safe coatings in their home's structure, and that is an opportunity for environmentally friendly coatings manufacturers.

Risk of illness from coatings

Whether interior or exterior coatings is an important step to help homeowners accomplish their dream home. And in the environment as well as the development of society, they choose only aesthetic, color and durable, or just price is not enough in the current context, especially the health of children.

What is "green coatings"? Shared by real estate investment reporter, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hai, Chairman of the Board of Hi-Pec Hi-Tech Petrochemical Corporation said that the World Health Organization has evaluated coatings as one of the five major causes of cancer.

The trend of "green coatings"

In the Vietnamese market, consumers are more selective with a wide variety of coatings. However, the price factor is still the main reason why consumers put on the top that ignores the safety factor, making many types of coatings from the weakest manufacturers easy to blend into the market. Users of these coatings may be exposed to lead, which are extremely toxic to human health and the environment. In fact, the major coatings brands in the market are directed to the production technology to help ensure the health of consumers and contribute to reducing pollution. Recently, with the concept of "green building", in the construction market, the interior also began to appear the concept of "green coatings".

"The green standard of the coatings is assessed by the exposure to VOC and VOC contained in the coatings and glue. The coatings brand was called green coatings when the VOC content is less than 10. Even though many countries have zero VOC standards. The state should have standards on this issue "Mr. Hai said.

As advised by experts, while the authorities do not have a specific criteria for "green coatings", consumers should choose natural coatings, not plastic, require the coatings with jaw the lowest VOC, the no glue-mannequin-type glue and the need to coatings filtered air, making the house "breathing"

In Vietnam, the "green" revolution is now beginning with all green building materials. Of course, from thought to implementation is actually a long process, in which each market member, owner and user have to accept less profit, accept a slightly higher price to use safe products for health, Mr. Hai said.

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