Exempt from safeguard measure for nearly 32.300 tons of imported colored corrugated iron

Nearly 32.300 tons of imported colored corrugated iron is exempt from safeguard measure

11 Exemption Decision for applying safeguard measures (phase 1) with high quality imported color corrugated iron (SG05) has just been issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, bringing the total exemption level in 2019 to 32.285 tons.

Some enterprises are granted exemption as follows: Vietnam Metal Packaging Joint Stock Company (2-sided tin-plated steel sheets printed or covered with 1 to many colors, covered with 1 or 2 sides, 1,783 tons); Tan Ha Educational Equipment Co., Ltd. (alloy or non-alloy steel coils, plated or not plated, coated with or without lines, 459 tons); Dong Anh Construction, Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (coatings on colored corrugated iron being PVDF, 720 tons).

Aqua Vietnam Co., Ltd. (PCM color, VCM, 7,065 tons); Hoa Phat Refrigeration Co., Ltd. (PCM color, VCM, 260 tons); Panasonic Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd. and Branch of Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Hung Yen (non-alloy steel sheets and coils) (PCM, PEM, VCM, 4.607 tons); Minh Quan Food Packaging Joint Stock Company (2-sided tin-coated non-alloy steel sheet, 1.500 tons); Savican Joint Stock Company (flat rolled non-alloy steel, tin plated, painted, varnish or plastic coated, 340 tons).

LG Electronics Vietnam Hai Phong Co., Ltd. (colors of PCM, PEM, VCM, 12,718 tons); Superior Multi Packaging VN Co., Ltd. (non-alloyed flat rolled steel, tin plated, painted, covered with varnishes or plastic coated, 2.136 tons); Daesun Vina Co., Ltd. (flat-rolled non-alloy steel, tin plated, coated with paint, 697 tons).

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, enterprises exempted from the application of safeguard measures must submit a report on the import of high quality colored corrugated iron to the Department of Trade Protection (Ministry of Industry and Trade) every six months during the period except.

On 31 May 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 1931 / QD-BCT on the application of safeguard measures to imported colored corrugated products (SG05). On February 9, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 533 / QD-BCT on amending and supplementing Decision No. 1931 / QD-BCT.

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