APG Company applied Nano technology in producing modern coatings

Ứng dụng công nghệ Nano vào sản xuất sơn hiện đại

The current Nano technology plays an important role in many industries, including the coating industry. APG Joint Stock Company recently launched a brand of “8-Star Nano” coatings that applies Nano technology in the production process.

Nano technology in the coatings industry is known for processing to regain the largest smooth gloss on the coating surface before covering the entire chemical-based nano-coating surface. This type of Nano material is transparent, when combined with coating materials, nano will quickly crystallize and achieve high hardness, thereby promoting the ability to protect the surface covered with negative effects from environment.

Recognizing the great potential of applying Nano technology in coatings industry, APG Joint Stock Company has created 8-star Nano coating products based on this new technology. The advantages of 8-star Nano products are being more rigid, reducing the ability to scratch but still not affecting the color and quality of color. Besides, 8-star Nano has 60% higher gloss than normal coatings without Nano technology. In addition, the resistance to acid corrosion, dust accumulation of coatings is also higher.

APG has been operating since 2015 and focused on producing plaster products, wall coatings and high-quality waterproofing materials with 8-star NANO brand. The company has expanded its production scale to over 2000 square meters, with a manufacturing plant in Thien Duong Bao Son - Hanoi and 1 factory in Thu Duc District - Ho Chi Minh City. The output has reached a capacity of over 1.000.000 liters / month, creating jobs with high income for many workers in the country.

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