3D printing technology – Integrating into the digital economy

3D printing techonology
3D printing technology - Integrating into the digital economy

3D printing technology plays an important role in boosting the digitization speed of Vietnamese enterprises, especially in 2019 when Vietnam will issue the 4th National Strategy on Industrial Revolution.

IaaS market is becoming more dynamic

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a measure that reflects the digitization capabilities of enterprises in one country. The role of IaaS is to invest in large quantities and then resell investment services regarding infrastructure such as servers, transmission lines ... for businesses so that they can digitalize their business processes on the Internet.

Different from the past, the IaaS Vietnam market is becoming more vibrant after the government’s determination to catch up with the revolution. Dr. Chawapol Jariyawiroj - Country Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Thailand and Vietnam, commented on AWS’s presence in Vietnam: "Vietnam is a very potential market."

Some of the IaaS markets in Vietnam which have had many domestic and foreign participants include Microsoft Azure, FPT Hi Gio, VCCloud. In addition, Aliyun, a subsidiary agency of Aliababa (China), is also stepping into the Vietnamese market.

Notes for businesses to catch up with the digital economy

In 2019, Vietnam will prepare to issue The 4th National Strategy on Industrial Revolution. Thus, so as to catch up with the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, a faster national digitization will be in need. In particular, the consideration for levels of new technology applications, such as 3D printing technology or radio frequency identification, large data, artificial intelligence, and the development of intelligent products and services based on data are vital help vendors/suppliers better understand the consumer demands.

However, the speed of the digitization in Vietnam is now quite slow compared to other countries in the region. According to statistics from IDC, Vietnam's IaaS infrastructure service revenue in 2017 is 31.2 million US dollars, and it is expected to reach 100 million US dollars by 2020, just outstripping that of Laos and Cambodia. In addition, although the enterprises are interested in applying and investing in innovative technology, the number is quite limited with only 2-3%.

Associate Professor - Dr. Tran Dinh Thien said that Vietnamese enterprises are now able to catch up with technology thanks to good information resources, but in order to become creative enterprises, the support from the Government in removing administrative procedures is relatively in need.

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Source: nhipcaudautu.vn.

17 November 2018